Being able to view in-game achievements and progress is great for the patient– it improves motivation and engagement with the therapy progress and method– but there are times when it is desirable to share the information with medical professionals, personal trainers, or even friends and family.

Visual Touch Therapy provides a “Progress Dashboard”, a browser-based display of the patient’s current progress.

  • Patients can monitor progress and rewards
  • Therapists can monitor patient’s compliance with the therapy program
  • Progress can be monitored over days and weeks, not months or years
  • Milestones give the patient something to work for– rather than exercising with no end in sight, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, there’s always one more goal, one more achievement, one more accomplishment that they can make.

The Dashboard shows your total progress with your therapy regimen, your achievements and milestone for each game you’ve played, and how close you are to reaching your next goals. It also displays data from your “posture tracker”, a webcam based head and body tracking feature that checks your posture, sense of center, and trunk/body alignment. This monitors the quality of movement during your range of motion exercises.

Since this is a browser based platform you or your physical therapist can read this data from anywhere. Yes, you read that right– VTT pushes data to the cloud!


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