badges_mc2-e1380914821821I got restless and drunk after being all organized and sober the last couple days… since I have a whole subset of work that I can do while intoxicated (design, phone calls to lawyers, press releases, etc) I figured to get some of the “Achievement” badge icons done. I have the achievement sorting code ready to add to the game itself, so it’s just a matter of getting the images in, right?

I have them sorted into different categories, from most basic to most complex. For instance, as soon as you open a game and get points (any kind of points– just one point!) you’ll get the little black circle and a message that says “Achievement unlocked– first points!”. As you progress thru the game, you’ll get more little badges for beating the timer, beating your high score, playing for a certain length of time, etc. As a gamer I’m indifferent to this kind of hand-holding and lovey-dovey reinforcement, but since this is a therapy game it becomes an important part of keeping the player motivated.

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