2/19/15 Visual Touch Therapy at the Assistive Technology Faire at Stanford

This event provides an opportunity for students and community members to get an up-close look at a variety of devices and learn about available services. Users of assistive technology products as well as small companies and agencies serving individuals with disabilities and older adults are encouraged to bring assistive technology devices to display, demonstrate, and discuss.
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1/05/15 Eric Medine works with Perspectives in Assistive Technology

Eric Medine has been tapped to be advisor to students at Stanford’s Perspectives in Assistive Technology course, taught by David L. Jaffe, MS. He will function as technical advisor to student projects designed to improve mobility and therapy regimens for people coping with mobility issues.
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9/17/14 Visual Touch Therapy welcomes our new Hand Research Consultant

We are pleased to welcome Deborah Kenney, Clinical Research Coordinator at the Chase Hand Center in Stanford, CA to our team!

Debbie Kenney has been an occupational therapist at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System for the last 17 years – working both in the clinic and at the VA Rehabilitation Research & Development (RR&D) Center where she has collaborated on numerous design and research projects with the engineers and graduate students.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization and we are thrilled to have her aboard!

6/17/14 “‘Rocketdog’ Gives Stroke Survivors a Helping Hand”

voa_logo“Some games seem to revel in violence – a point that might add to the quiver of detractors complaining about violent video games. That said, all games are not violent; and there are those among them whose only purpose is to improve people’s lives….”

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5/29/14 “Leap Motion Hand Tracking Gets More Realistic To Solve Real World Problems”

forbes_logo“The Leap Motion Controller will become another default input method, like the mouse is now, and it will also be built into many devices. But like Google Glass, its higher calling may be facilitating these kind of purpose-built and life-critical tasks that help its users do something that they otherwise could not. Every new technology…”

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5/18/14 “Physical Therapy Gets Its Own ‘Candy Crush’”

next_logo“Visual Touch Therapy’s creator Eric Medine has told Engadget that he hopes his platform will become the “Candy Crush” of physical therapy. Medine’s system uses a video game, computer, and Leap Motion controller to provide a way for physical therapists to help their patients and track progress….”

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5/18/14 “Leap Motion grows up with applications in augmented reality and physical therapy”

giga_om_logo“When the Leap Motion controller came out last summer, my colleague Stacey Higginbotham was somewhat skeptical. It was lacking in compelling apps and sometimes difficult to use. But the nine startups that….”

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5/17/14 “This motion controlled dog wants to be the Candy Crush of physical therapy”

endgadget_logo“Physical therapy isn’t fun. It’s a physical and emotional challenge that often consists of dull, repetitive tasks. It’s boring, and offers patients almost no short-term rewards for their very real efforts — but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. A new software platform called Visual Touch Therapy is …”

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5/16/14 Visual Touch Therapy to Present at the Leap Motion Demo Day

After lots of hard work, a ton of late nights, and a hundred times our body weight in coffee the team over at Visual Touch Therapy are ready to demo our product. The folks over at the Leap Motion Axlr8r have been extremely supportive of their time and resources, and we’re particularly excited to show them what we’ve been up to.

Join us at the Twitter headquarters at 3PM on Friday, May 16th to see the future of therapy!

More information about the Leap Axlr8r:

More information about Visual Touch Therapy:

Make your reservation:
Password: leapaxlr8r

4/29/14 Visual Touch Therapy to partner with Hallmark Rehabilitation

We are pleased to announce that Hallmark Rehabilitation and Visual Touch Therapy have joined forces to start a pilot program for stroke survivors in order to continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of our software.

4/21/14 “90 Seconds with Visual Touch Therapy”

“In our latest spotlight video, Visual Touch Therapy founder Eric Medine talks about his dream to create his at-home physical therapy app. Since recovering stroke victims tend to tense up as they retrain their brains to perform everyday tasks, his goal is to create a tai chi-like gaming experience that helps users relax while they play.”

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2/28/14 Visual Touch Therapy Accepted into the Leap Axlr8r Program

We’re pleased to announce our acceptance into the Leap Motion Axlr8r Program! The current build is in JAVA, but we suspect we will be doing some refactoring at some point in the future.

This development means that we’re relocating to San Francisco, which is a small move geographically but a large move culturally.

More information about the Leap Axlr8r:




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