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After lots of hard work, a ton of late nights, and a hundred times our body weight in coffee the team over at Visual Touch Therapy are ready to demo our product. The folks over at the Leap Motion Axlr8r have been extremely supportive of their time and resources, and we’re particularly excited to show […]



Visual Touch Therapy at the Leap Axlr8r!

We’re pleased to announce our acceptance into the Leap Motion Axlr8r Program! The current build is in JAVA, but we suspect we will be doing some refactoring at some point in the future. This development means that we’re relocating to San Francisco, which is a small move geographically but a large move culturally. More information […]


I got restless and drunk after being all organized and sober the last couple days… since I have a whole subset of work that I can do while intoxicated (design, phone calls to lawyers, press releases, etc) I figured to get some of the “Achievement” badge icons done. I have the achievement sorting code ready […]