Eric Medine has more than fifteen years experience in the fields of programming, application, and UI design.

He has spent the last eight years in Los Angeles with his company TenTonRaygun ( While there he developed online and mobile based games, data visualizers and even analytics tools for clients that want to extend their presence in social media and mobile spaces. Before that he worked as a freelance web developer and animator in Chicago for agencies such as JBChicago, Level 7, and Project 9x.

Visual Touch Therapy is a change of direction from his previous advertising and marketing based development work, prompted by his perception of a lack of robust at-home solutions for therapy regimens after a family member’s experience with stroke. Basically, he decided to use his skills for good rather than evil.

He is also a fearless zombie killer.


Clinical Research Coordinator
Chase Hand Center, Stanford, CA
Research, Neuro and Hand Consultant VTT, San Francisco, CA

Debbie Kenney has been an occupational therapist at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System for the last 17 years – working both in the clinic and at the VA Rehabilitation Research & Development (RR&D) Center where she has collaborated on numerous design and research projects with the engineers and graduate students.

Her work has included testing and integrating technology into the rehabilitation setting in the areas of Parkinson’s Disease, CVA (stroke), Spinal Cord Injury, hand therapy, and balance as related to aging. Ms. Kenney currently splits her time between her clinical work with post-stroke survivors (REACH) and the RR&D Center. She is also a frequent guest lecturer with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Santa Clara.

bruce_picBRUCE LANE

Bruce Lane is a professional software developer. He builds real-time graphics software for VJing. He contributes to several software projects: Onyx-VJ actionscript based video and generative art mixer, vpDude for asset management ( VJ community) and currently Reymenta Visuals (Cinder C++ framework).You can find more profile details on

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